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Empathy and compassion in the time of COVID

Adapted from YouTube Video Description: Does empathy encourage others to engage in distancing and help others in need during this crisis? Can empathy be exhausting in a large-scale crisis like this? What are the moral dilemmas that people may face in this crisis, and what kinds of extraordinary altruism have we seen and might we expect to see moving forward? Rock Ethics Institute research associate Daryl Cameron moderated this expert panel discussion about how to think about empathy in the time of COVID-19. Cameron, a research associate in the Rock Ethics Institute and assistant professor of psychology in Penn State's College of the Liberal Arts, studies empathy and moral decision making. Joining Cameron for this panel discussion are: -- Paul Conway, assistant professor of psychology at Florida State University -- Abigail Marsh, associate professor of psychology, Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Program, at Georgetown University -- David DeSteno, professor of psychology at Northeastern University -- and Michael Poulin, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at the University at Buffalo


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